Letter from Todd

Greetings from Kasteler Consulting Inc.

We’re pleased to present our statement of qualifications exemplifying our commitment to quality environmental engineering solutions. Kasteler Consulting, Inc. (KCI) focuses on our client’s needs to provide cost-effective services.

KCI serves many different clients. Our services extend from environmental permitting support to environmental remediation services and beyond. KCI operates from downtown Anchorage; however, projects regularly bring staff to remote locations.

The experienced staff at KCI offers clients first-rate services. Our senior staff has contacts throughout the governmental, engineering and professional landscapes enabling operations in remote locations to be manageable, affordable and technically feasible.

KCI works with partners to drive down project costs without compromising the needs and values of the clients we serve. KCI also works with our vast network of partners to collaborate on urban and rural remediation projects.

This Statement of Qualifications demonstrates our client-based approach, cost-effective solution focus and commitment to environmental stewardship.

We appreciate your interest in Kasteler Consulting Inc. Please reach out with any questions regarding our customer services.

Warm Regards,

Richard Todd Kasteler P.E.